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Cylinder heads; intake manifold; pistons; piston rings; wrist pins; connecting rods and bearings; crankshaft and bearings; camshaft and bearings; timing chain; timing guides; timing chain tensioner; timing gears; valve covers; rocker arms/shafts and bushings; intake/exhaust valves and valve springs, seats, guides, push rods and hydraulic lifters; oil pump; and oil pan. Lubricated parts contained within the engine block. Engine block only if damaged by a covered component internal to the engine block. EXAMPLES OF NOT COVERED: timing belt, fuel injectors, turbo chargers, supercharger, EGR cooler, oil cooler, head bolts and valve seals.


Torque converter; bands; pump; pump housing; carrier assembly; planetary gears; chain; drums; reaction shaft; governor; valve body; and servo assemblies. Lubricated parts contained within the transmission or transfer case housing. Transmission/transfer case only if damaged by a covered component internal to the transmission/transfer case housing. EXAMPLES OF NOT COVERED: transmission solenoids, TCM reprogramming, mechatronics unit and conductor plate.


Lubricated parts contained within the front and rear drive axle housing; pinion bearings; wheel bearings; side carrier bearings; ring and pinion; side gears; spider gears and case; drive shaft; universal joints; constant velocity joints; and 4x4 hubs. Front or rear drive axle housing only if damaged by a lubricated part contained within the drive axle housing.


Seals and gaskets are covered only when required in conjunction with the replacement of a covered component. Additionally, cylinder head gaskets are covered for combustion and coolant leaks. Intake manifold gaskets are covered for coolant leaks only. EXAMPLES OF NOT COVERED: oil, vacuum leaks and valve seals.


The authorized time for a covered repair will be based on the Mitchell’s ProDemand labor guide. The hourly labor rate will be the repair facility’s rate up to $60.00 per hour. Should Your repair facility’s rate exceed this amount, You are responsible for the difference. EXAMPLES OF NOT COVERED: tear-down, diagnosis and non-covered components


You will be reimbursed $25.00 for each eight hours of Mitchell’s ProDemand labor guide time to repair or replace the covered component with a maximum benefit of $300.00 per claim, if proof of rental is provided with an authorized claim. Any time not related to the actual repair and replacement of the covered component is not included in this benefit.


We will reimburse up to a maximum of $50.00, if proof of towing is provided with an authorized claim.


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